Her story


My story is simple. I started to live just from the need of a heart. I could have been a princess, but I was created as an angel. I try to make every color that is in me to have a shape, which is given through the touch of a brush, a cloth, and texture. The hand that paints becomes a kind of relay emotion that is inherent in me. I want that the daily days of mine were always sunny and beautified the homeinteriors and your thoughts. I did not know that I will have this kind of nature. I believe more and more that what is created is important and necessary. Life is art. If you want to give myself to a loved one, you can take me home and invite me to your living room, you can put me on the table or hang me on the wall. I can bring happiness and good tidings for better days. I can talk with every thing, painting and with a lamp on the table, but what most important thing to me is to be liked by you.

One can say thatLabioszka is a piece of high density fibreboardor plywood, painted by hand and given a strange name, colourful,unusual and unique. But is ipod just a player, is a plane just a machine or a Christmas tree just a spruce tree for decades bringing whole families together? Yes, this is whatLabioszka is for the eye.

Someone would say it is an ordinary ornament. It is an ornament indeed, among other things that is what it was made to be – but it is also a keepsake, a gift, a surprise,good fortune, a present, a heart warmer, fireplace decoration. They please the eye.

Yet,Labioszkas are something more than just a superficial combination of elements. That is what they are for the soul, never for the eye. They are the product of artist’s imagination, like writer’s literary fiction, buzzing melody in musician’s mind, invention for an engineer, they are what mom and dad are for their children, a shoe imprint on the moon for an astronaut, a soaring kite released for little Helenka by her dad, they are what they would not be but for their creator. They are what the eye can see, and they allow to see sensibility and thoughts.All that a soul needs, and our imagination and memory anchor in us. Maybe emotions?

Projekt F.M. Sztaba, realizacja: Wojoweb